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The word “bratimia” is a traditional term, originating mainly in Vlach weddings, which is used to denote the closest friends of the groom or the bride, but which could also be used as a broader term for someone's close friends in general. The “bratimia” are the ones who are responsible for getting the groom ready (for example, they have to shave him or help him get dressed, while singing traditional songs), helping with the preparations of the feast that takes place the day before the wedding or accompanying the bride to the church on the wedding day.

“Bratimia” is a company of musicians from Northern Greece, who have been nurtured, since a young age, in the musical idioms of traditional and demotic/ folk feasts and celebrations. Their love of and and heartfelt interest in traditional folk music, as well as their long standing collaboration have resulted in their becoming a tight musical unit. Since then, they have been travelling all around Greece and abroad performing Greek and Balkan traditional folk music mainly in wedding parties, folk feasts, festivals and traditional musical events.

The cd of “Bratimia”, recorded in 2013, has risen from their desire to map their musical journey from Macedonia to Thrace, from Minor Asia to the islands of the Aegean, from Contintental Greece to Epirus and back again.

We can be there, in this most precious moment of your life, to entertain you and take you on a journey full of inspiration and music.

The power of the image is indisputable!
Through the collection of videos, can those who wish  to know us better.

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